Amy Crow
Designer / Illustrator / Maker

Published Work


Published Works

Here is a selection of work I’ve had published 2017/2018.



I was requested to submit an art piece for Teo Magazine Issue 19.

The theme was "girls on tour" with a strong take on women being at the forefront as opposed to as a groupie tagging along for the ride. I had met Ella Fence late in 2017 when she was recommended to me for my hairdressing skills. We spent a lot of time during our appointment talking about her career, goals, ambitions and her studies; she was honestly mind blowing. I had struggled for a short period of time with this submission not knowing what I should do but the more I thought about it the more Ella seemed to just fit the idea and aesthetic so well. 

You can flick through and read more here.



MOUS Magazine is a Brisbane run publication created by Bonnie Stevens. I requested to submit illustrative work to MOUS and Bonnie teamed me up with write Puddy Sloane for her article titled "Wiki How To Sex". This was the first time that I had worked with a brief that was an article and quickly realised that the brief itself would not change and this gave me solidity in the content to design for. I had a great time researching and creating mood boards to visualise the steps that Puddy had laid out. The end result was like a snap-out kit of parts, like how you used to get plastic planes or model cars.


Orenda is a Melbourne publication run by Sophia Ireland. I requested to submit to Orenda and was lucky to get the opportunity to create a series of digital illustrations for an article about heart break and cocktails.



Orenda is a Melbourne publication run by Sophia Ireland. Sophia asked me to design the front cover of her newest issue.

This is a digitally painted a female portrait featuring a warped/glitched effect. The reasoning behind the idea was regarding the role in which females play in society which is changing rapidly with strong movements such as #metoo and FUTURE IS FEMALE. 'It's looking at how women are changing and evolving into the next phase of society. Now more than ever with social media, the voice has changed and platforms are becoming levelled. We can freely voice opinions and be supported by like minded people. This change is just beginning and the fight for equality is well and truly being fought. The glitch is almost like we're being reset or rebooted this idea of technology, social media and society all melding into one to give us more tools and resources for our collective futures'