Amy Crow
Designer / Illustrator / Maker


Beach Burrito - March Feature Artist

I was asked to be a feature artist for Beach Burrito Co for the month of February. Alex Saba A.K.A Lusid Art has been curating these monthly events for two years now. Over that time there have been some incredibly skilled practitioners adorning the walls, so naturally I was pretty stoked to be invited to showcase.

One of the requirements was offering prints to sell alongside original pieces. Because my practice up until this point had been acrylic / mixed media on wood panel it proved difficult to create high quality prints. I decided instead to create a small body work addressing my other love of screen printing. I hadn't tested until now screen printing on wood panel but turns out it works amazingly well due to low absorption, resulting in clean and crisp line work.

I have had people ask me in the past how I retain a strong hand drawn aesthetic, the technique lies in using opaque pens on film transparency. Basically I drawn straight onto the film and this gets exposed, as opposed to drawing something, scanning, live tracing or bitmapping then moving to film- it really just cuts out that whole unneccessary middle process.

This series for me was really rewarding because of the control I could exercise over the image itself, the colours and also how they transferred from original to print. I used coordinated stocks to match my originals while still keeping the originals as something a little different.


amy crow