Amy Crow
Designer / Illustrator / Maker


Great Input = Awesome Output

My brain feels like a cup under a running tap. What an incredible feeling it is. My eyeballs feel like they're kissing sandpaper. Not such an incredible feeling.

But so worth it! Because in the last two weeks I've been to three huge events full of creative and frankly freaking amazing people talking about their lives and careers, ups and downs, ins and outs. They've imparted lessons, theories, ideas and questions into my mind like seeds in the ground and it got me thinking about a quote a lecturer told us in college; your output is only as good as your input. 

I finally went to a 7x7 DIA talk at Warehouse No. 5 on the Gold Coast. Matt Vergotis spoke about his self grown business, Michelle Donnelly from global architecture firm Woods Baggott talked about the importance about ground level permeability in city structures and Monica and Dan from UAP took us on a journey about their artists, processes and company. I think in three hours I had more ideas than I've had hot dinners.

Creative Mornings Brisbane squished its fine self between two gargantuan days of The Design Conference with speaker Hillary Wall giving us a heads up about her business Cork and Chroma and some unique perspectives about living as a creative. For those who don't know, elevator pitch, you round up some friends, grab your fav bottle of wine and go paint your own work of art in a supportive, friendly, alcohol-lubricated environment. Specifically created for those who say they don't paint / aren't creative but have been dying for the opportunity to give it a try, Cork and Chroma fill a much needed gap in the community.

The Design Conference gets bigger, brighter and more bombastic every year. I don't know how many more notches there even are but the bar just keeps getting raised. I felt like my skull had been plied open like a fresh water clam! There was just so much incredible work actively living outside of my scope of thinking that I was getting palpitations in every session from pure adrenaline. 

For those who were there- I know you also feel like going through your family tree in the vain hope that you're related to Dean Poole because it would give you the right to tap into his brain regularly. Lauren Hom dropped truth bombs all over the show with her honest talk about realising the business potential in your everyday life by monetising the heck out of your unique mundanities and become a boss. Mike Rigby driving home the importance of human centered design. Prue Jones from FJORD gearing us for the future of AI, alluding to the fact we will at some point convert from meat to machine. It's been a time, truly.

We are so fortunate that we live in a city that supports and promotes creative people and events because I know without these experiences I would be living in a vacuum. These events are designed to question your way of thinking, challenge your biases, expand your knowledge base and by proxy give you a broader range of topics to connect with others about.

If you're creative and want to grow, you should sit in the marinade of other peoples experiences. Learning by osmosis is phenomenal and you don't even need to sell your kidney on the black market to afford it! It starts with your attitude and willingness to fill your head with awesome so that when the time comes, you will in turn produce awesome.