Amy Crow
Designer / Illustrator / Maker


Treat Yo'self


Not to an ice cream or a new pair of shoes, fool- I mean, treat yourself well. Treat yourself like you would treat one of your mates. 

Earlier this year at The Design Conference a sassy woman name Lauren Hom spoke about how we're so hard on ourselves. Sometimes we kill our ideas before they even let out a pathetic ghostly breath. She said "if a friend came to you with a thought or a plan would you say "ohh no, girl, don't even bother doing that! That's stupid!"- uhm, no, you wouldn't! So why do it to yourself?

We compare ourselves to others, we think we're not good enough, we say we're not ready to do that thing we've been talking about for five years now. Christ, why can't we give ourselves more of a chance? I'm so guilty of this. I'm constantly putting myself down, I put myself under unrealistic pressure and I'm always trying to be "better". Lauren's talk made me realise that I would never put these kind of expectations on any of my friends and so I've been trying to be kinder to myself. With that, you know I love a good list so here's one of stuff I've started to do when my inner asshat decides to start a 12 round boxing match on my self esteem:

1. Take a bath...or a shower, IDK just get into/under some water- flush those negative thoughts off you.

2. Take stock of all your rad achievements! And small ones too like remembering to buy toothpaste or cooking something and not burning it

3. Hi five your past-self. Thank your past self for saving that file in the right folder so your present self could find it now. For washing that shirt last week so you can wear it to that party. For putting fuel in your car yesterday because otherwise you'd be late today. You're smart! S.M.R.T.

4. EXERCISE. Why be sedentary when you could be a human jellyfish. Also accelerated heart rate, blood pumping, energy, endorphins blah blah blah

5. Talk through your brain farts with your friends because they understand you and want to help you through your mini melt downs to any actual issue

BE NICE TO YOURSELF. Stop being a jerk.