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Motivation VS Procrastination

Motivating yourself is probably the hardest thing to do and even harder to do it consistently. When I go through periods of not doing things it basically leads to mass guilt heading into over thinking territory where I spend way too much time contemplating the meaning of life. You don't want to get to that final stage, ever, because you sort of realise things are up to us to derive whatever meaning we want from life and that there isn't a prescribed thing / goal we should be working towards. 

Procrastination can be the enemy of motivation. I say can be because sometimes when I put off doing something there's normally a good reason which affects my final decision. I think the key to procrastinating on one thing is to fill the void with another thing. I don't mean things like fuccbois or a pointless TV binge- I mean something productive. If you're feeling mentally blocked on a project, start another one or finish that other one you've been sitting on for the past 6 months.


Motivation stems from, in my mind, having an idea that has an end goal. If you have something to work towards it's easier to create steps to execute. I am currently working on an art showcase. It's been one of the most time consuming projects and it actually hasn't even been that long! What has helped in this process is deadlines. I've been collaborating on this project with models and my rad photographer Rachael. The days I didn't feel like painting I forced myself to sit down for chunks of one to two hours and work through it. It has been hard. Some days I'd just stare blankly at a wall and think "yeah nah". It's been boring at times. It has paid off however because not only am I nearly finished the work, I get to have fun at the shoots and am proud of what I'm producing.


That part of the process where you get the idea is the best time. You're filled with possibility and you can see whatever thing it is in the final hour and it's glorious. Yeah, super pumped, it's going to be great I just have to... start. And it's like you're looking down this dark dusty tunnel, man it's dank. So you put it off. Guess what happens when you put things off- they don't happen. So just get over it, quit your bitching and make the first move.... to tap into-


If you think you should be doing something, do it! Do it now. Why not now? Once you get over the sucky first lame bit and remove the road block, it's done! Like, what even are you waiting for? What else could you be doing with that spare hour between first and second dinner? Mmm, yeah, nothing, thought so.


WHICH LEADS ME HERE. If you're finding it hard to dredge up some elbow grease for something, incentivise yourself to do it. Do you like high quality wine? Buy yourself a bottle and sit it on your desk with a note saying "open me when you've stopped fucking around". Sweet treats? Take yourself out for ice cream when you've finished the arm length list in front of you. Give yourself markers and reward yourself for doing a bang up job when you're done.

Just so we're clear....I've been procrastinating about this post for a week.

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