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FUTURE = FEMALE; Design Choices

The other day I was speaking with Vlada at Junky Comics and she told me a story about a man who questioned the apparent disconnect with one of my tee designs. So I've been thinking that maybe I should talk about the designs I do and why I make them. Stylistically they're for aesthetic reasons but the core of why I drew them up in the first place does have deeper meaning.

Personally I love it when people have something to say about something I've made because it means two things; one, they were paying attention and two that means it affected them. There's nothing worse that making work that doesn't ellicit some sort of response. It's actually how I measure what I put out into the world.



ARROWGIRL (V original, I know)
The main core idea of this illustration was actually how I felt about graphic design job ads. I felt like every wish list item was a stab to my being because even though I've studied and I've worked and my brain is perfectly functioning (with coffee, naturally) it just felt like I'd never be good enough for some soulless brand that needs a designer slash marketing manager slash programmer slash unicorn.
This design was the one in question by unknown man at Junky. I really loved Vlada's response to his comments, the shirt itself has "FUTURE = FEMALE" on the front and the illustration on the back. His issue was that it seemed on the one hand it was empowering women but on the other hand this woman looked like she was under attack. Vlada's take on the design was a resilience or a stoicness in the face of adversity or attack. Which I think makes more sense than my potential reactionary, slightly passive aggressive take on my work industry.


Plinth Girl

PLINTH GIRL (also original...)
The title of this one originally was "more stable than my future". Again, passive aggressiveness raising its head. Two points to this I personally feel, we hold ourselves to standards or we make hard promises to ourselves and we hamstring our own flexibility to change our minds. Also a vague smirk towards the idea of stability in an ever changing world. I've been questioned about whether she is even a woman because of the lack of chest but also potentially because she has short hair (I saw it as being pinned up but was informed it looks short) This is something I find continually interesting is this persistent, stupid idea that more hair = more feminine. 

Respect Above All Else

I've not really been one for florals or roses in my time but this summed up my message quite succinctly. Essentially; you respect the beauty of the rose because you're aware of the thorns. 

Judgement Free

Pretty to the point here but a few little things in addition, the woman has her hands / palms faced up in vague surrender to what she might come under, a willingness to be open. The snake around her neck is indicative of men putting their views on womens bodies. The arrows signify the end of the war on judgement. The plinth is cracked essentially saying the current system is flawed; women judging women needs to stop, together we are stronger.

Do Not Tell Me To Relax

Just a dash of sass in this one but really it's speaking about how we define boys to men (not the band). A man is respectful and in my mind would not use this style language in an attempt to force some sort of calm on any given situation. 

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