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The Power of Compliments

The other day I was walking in the city. It was 6:30pm, slightly brisk and I was anxious about the event I was heading to. 

While crossing the street I noticed a guy walking in front of me with the coolest green plaid slacks. I think they were even above ankle and he was sporting a red sock and tan lace-up combo. What a lad.  If you know me well I know what you're thinking but I want the chance to defend my humble-quiet-observer stance- there's nothing creepy here guys; he was walking in front of me, I noticed he was obviously nailing his aesthetic and I was low-key thinking about word vomiting this on him.

Ok maybe then it gets a bit creepy.....My eyeballs began drilling into the back of his head and as a result, he's probably lost some brain cells. We were stopped at the same lights and I thought "screw this, I'm going to say something". For those who have never struck up a casual conversation with someone you don't know, I would highly recommend it but I would be aware of a few key things, when you commit to compliment, you have to have the mentality of they might run away/hit you and be genuinely prepared for that.

With this in mind, I reached out and said "sorry to be weird but you're killing this outfit, those pants are incredible". Cue moment of truth where he morphs into an Alex Mac puddle and throws himself into the nearest drain- but no, he defied my inward monologue of how this scenario pans out and instead says "oh! wow, thank you, how great are compliments?".

CORRECT, NEW FRIEND, they are amazing. I was floored. Why don't I do this more often!? Finally, an ego-less spirit who can take a damn positive word and roll with it. Legend. The green man signalled and we crossed the road. He asked where I was headed and turned out we were going to the same place for two separate events. Since we had a few city blocks we just kept.... chatting. LIKE ADULTS!

We reach the atrium of Metro Arts and he suggests keeping in contact. If that's not a gold star for social confidence then I don't know what is. We swapped numbers (no facebook, yesss) and we went our separate ways.

Take aways here are, give a damn compliment!
But remember, don't give to get. If you genuinely think someone looks fucking awesome/ is doing something amazing- tell them and don't be shy about it.

amy crow