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I've been on US soil for about two days.

It's basically exactly like Brisbane only there are way more cacti. The weather is beautiful, warm and dry. People seem nice here and when you smile at guys they smile back at you which is different.

I thought I would fit in ok here visually but people still stare- maybe they're wondering if I'm a boy or why the hell I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt in this weather. While we were having dinner the other night a kid came door knocking asking for donations for his college fund and when he saw me he exclaimed "whoa! you look like Miley Cyrus!".

The architecture here is amazing. We're staying in a suburb called Glendale which I'm still not sure what we're close to or anything that is relative. It's easy to get around and our Air BNB host let's us borrow his bikes to ride around. The houses are very Spanish inspired and seem to be mostly one level dwellings. They are textures and painted all kinds of tones from soft salmon to bright turquoise. Garden game is strong, everyone seems to take great pride in their lawns and formation of various cacti and trees. I love Brisbane, don't get me wrong but I feel like we're really safe. It's like our houses were punched out of a doll house maker, everything looks the same. Our units get poured out of a modular duplex maker and snapped together like lego pieces. I wonder if it's a lack of historical culture or if it's indicative of how worried we are about how things appear on the outside. There's a real expressionism here in the housing and it feels homely but unique.

I've taken three dance classes. It's different, the energy is different, the people are different. I learnt that shoulder popping and ab pops are a thing. The grooves class runs at about a 100 miles per hour and waacking is a strange but beautiful phenomenon.

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