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Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I had ever done Value Journaling. I have not, in short but I think it's a worthwhile task.

While I understand the concept of core values I still googled this and I found out some really interesting things - not all your core values have to be or will be positive. You might have core values that you didn't choose for yourself, they might have been instilled by your parents- crazy huh? Definitely thought they were all by choice. These values can be behaviour driven, so when it comes to the crunch they present as part of your true self / nature. You can find out what your values are by assessing what brings you joy, anger, what you think brings meaning to your life, what you couldn't live without and what you want to achieve in your life time.

"When we don’t honor our values, our mental, emotional, and physical state suffers. Values are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for. They can represent our unique, individual essence. Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct. When we honor our personal core values consistently, we experience fulfillment." - This pretty much sums it up and was quoted from Scott Jeffrey (

1. Efficiency / Innovation. I think this is pretty obvious to myself and those who know me. I was saying to someone the other day about how I consider myself to be one of the most time rich people I know. I'm efficient because I have clear focus on which tasks need to be completed at the right time. I value efficiency because it affords time to allocate to innovation and creativity.

2. Honesty. I can be brutally honest and have been told I am insensitive, which I agree with. I don't believe in keeping people around who aren't honest or willing to take the criticism if I think it will genuinely help them. In turn, I prefer when friends/family are very upfront with me about my behaviours or thoughts because it keeps our relationships open and strong. I value honesty because I know I am 100% honest / transparent with my friends and family, and they can expect this consistently from me.

3. Optimism. I have an unwavering determination to exhaust all options on a task / problem / situation. I believe there is always a way. I wouldn't however say I'm positive all of the time because I do have a sense of cynicism about many things. I value optimism because it makes me think deeply, and create solutions to help myself and others.

4. Perception. I like to understand the motivations of others and find the core reasons behind why people do the things they do. I value perception because it helps me connect with others and deters me from those who may be destructive.

5. Open Minded. I aim to keep an open mind about people and situations. I value open mindedness because it helps me learn about others perspective and also helps me to stop making sweeping judgements.

6. Trust. Unfortunately with me, if you break it you've lost it and it's nearly impossible to gain it back. This is a security measure for myself, it's been a bit of a bumpy road to self respect for me and I'm not prepared to let anyone make me question it. However, if you have my trust, know that I will always be honest with you and will try my best to be there for you in my own way. I value trust because this is how I measure accountability and connectedness with others, it is my yardstick.

7. Respect. If you respect yourself and others I will respect you too. I have no time for misogyny, racism, dishonesty, inefficiency, time wasting, blame, complaining about things you can change or petty behaviours. I value respect because this is another yardstick to measure how I am treated and how I should treat others.

8. Self Motivation / Motivating Others. I enjoy being mentally occupied and that brings me intense fulfilment. I am hyper aware that we only have the time we are allocated, if I'm not using it to create, make, learn or add to the milieu then I'm wasting my time. I really can't accurately explain the joy I feel when I have helped to motivate others, I feel over the fucking MOON when someone tells me I affected them personally and positively. I value motivation because it creates positive energy, fulfilment in my various practices, brings me a sense of joy, connects me with others and gives me sense of purpose.

9. Education / Growth. We have so many amazing resources, a lot of awesome shit on the internet is FREE. We have the ability to find and adopt mentors. I'm such a fan of self directed learning, self help books, e-courses and gaining new mentors to help me level up. I value education because it helps me to make better decisions, help others and create more opportunities.

10. Autonomy. It's important to me as an independent person to be given autonomy to make my own decisions for my own reasons. I would consider myself quite objective and find it difficult and annoying when my sense of responsibility and decision making has been taken away from me. I value autonomy because it helps me grow, accept responsibility and respect process. 

11. Communication. I try my best to be open and upfront if not forthright with my feelings and opinions in regards to others. There would be few things that upset me or annoy me more than people who fail to communicate, if at all. I value communication because it helps me not only to understand others but ultimately lets others understand who I am and how I think and feel.

I am 100% sure there are many more but this is just the beginning of the exploration for me, there will probably be a PT 2 at some point. As always, comment and give me feedback- I'd love to know what your values are too.


If you want to figure out how to understand your core values-  this website - has made a formula / process to help. I did not partake at this point in time, but I did read the process and it made a lot of sense.

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