Amy Crow
Designer / Illustrator / Maker



Yung Munny is a collaborative effort between  friends who share
a similar mindset for business and development. We want to question the status quo, set tangible goals and measure success by engagement and fulfillment. We want to build community alongside business. We want engagement and authenticity. We want to grow, challenge and move forward. 

Yung Munny endeavors to be a transparent and accessible small business resource community. It’s primary goal is to offer no
BS information for start ups in any space from where it matters- the beginning. Yung Munny aims to create community surrounding great business practice, sharing knowledge and advice. We want to open up the conversation of who’s doing what, how they’re doing it and why.

We think the landscape is changing and we want to offer advice and open
the lines of communication. We want to help and grow and learn.
We want better, because doing it like it has been done isn’t good enough.


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